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Vega Production is proud to have employees with more than 10 years in the field of audio-visual equipment. We are one of the professional sound and light suppliers for performances from large to small scale, spread across the country.


A professional sound and light equipment supplier will help minimize the risks that may be encountered when the event is taking place. Because with light and sound for performances, especially outdoors, it is possible to encounter unnecessary events that seriously affect the experience of event participants, as well as negatively affect the communication aspect of the program. A service provider of sound and light equipment will be an effective solution to remove customers’ worries during the event organization. Personnel with long-term experience in the field will always anticipate the risks and propose effective solutions to customers in the process of organizing performance events.


Different types of events such as conferences or outdoor music festivals require different audio devices to convey the content and message that the event wants to achieve. More specifically, sound and light systems for performances often have stricter, more intensive, and more complex requirements than light and sound for conferences. We always accompany customers from the most preliminary steps, in order to accurately advise and optimize costs for customers.


In addition to conveying the ceremony’s message to the event attendees, the sound and light system also plays a decisive role in the entertainment experience for the participants. Vega Productions’s light and sound always use flagship products from major brands around the world such as Spain’s D.A.S, Italy’s RDF, Germany’s Midas, etc. to bring the best listening experience to customers.

We appreciate the experience of event participants, helping them see the harmonious, smooth, and eye-catching coordination between light and sound, creating the most professional feeling possible for guests. Our performance light and sound equipment will be built and designed to meet two of our customers’ biggest concerns: a great visual and audio experience for the participants and effective communication after the program.


Vega Production understands very well the nature of each different performance program, indoor or outdoor, large and small scale. With our long experience in the industry, we always pay great attention to the guest experience when participating in the show. In addition, a team of professional technicians with extensive knowledge of each type of audio and stage lighting equipment will advise and give customers complete satisfaction. We are confident in offering effective, comprehensive and affordable light and sound system solutions.