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The sound system plays an extremely important role in every event. The hall sound equipment is required to have a nice form, a clean setup, and clear sound quality. Understanding that nature and requirements, Vega Production provides an audio rental service that is specifically for the Hall and Conference rooms, from small to large, with full options from basic to advanced.

What is sound equipment for conferences?

Conference audio is a sound system specifically designed to make information exchange between participants easier and more convenient.

A conference and hall sound system includes many different devices such as speakers, amplifiers, central controllers, microphones, interpretation systems, and voting systems. Depending on the purposes and content of the conferences, there are different audio equipment, but they often include speakers, amplifiers, controllers, and microphones.

Benefits of conference sound system

      Bringing professionalism, and extremely effective sound transmission to your conferences.

      Making presentations easier, sound reaches all participants.

      Bringing high communication efficiency to help the event take place successfully.

Differences in our conference sound system rental service

  1.     Always understand the customers

        Vega Production always builds services based on customer needs. We put ourselves in the position of the event organizer to find the best package of sound and light solutions.

        The best solution plan is not the most expensive package, but the one that best suits the needs of the customer. Vega Production always listens to the most detailed requirements from partners to be able to find the most specialized sound and light solution for the event.

  1.     Survey and consultation

        Vega Production always actively surveys and captures information for advice before quoting any sound and light system.

  1.     Build a detailed quotation

        Event sound and light equipment is a rather complicated system, it is difficult for customers to imagine if they simply look at the quotation.

        Vega Production listens and understands the needs of the customer, and from there will design a preliminary perspective so that the customer can visualize the equipment and setup.

        Be as detailed as possible so the customers can understand.

  1.     Put the sound and light service package into the overall event

        A light and sound device can only be fully effective when combined with other elements of the event such as script, screen, performers, and MC…

        Building the right equipment package for each event has always been our goal.

  1.     The most stable device

An event can only happen once, so the most important thing is to minimize accidents. Customers can confidently choose quality audio solutions from us.

A great light and sound system, in addition to producing high-quality sound, must have high stability to avoid arising risks.

All audio equipment of Vega Productions is imported genuine from Europe with long-standing brands in the audio-visual market:

+ Speakers: RCF – Italy, Das – Spain

+ Mixer: Allen & Heath – UK, Midas – Germany

+ Microphone: Shure – USA, Sennheiser – Germany

And many other devices.

  1.     Skilled personnel with enthusiasm and work ethic imbued with Asian identity

Vega Production focuses on building a team of enthusiastic, responsible technicians and employees to ensure the best service of its sound and light supply.

Our staff is always working at full capacity, working with the spirit of “dedication”, and listening to customers’ opinions to produce the smoothest events.

  1.     Reasonable price

Ensuring all of the above factors at a reasonable price is always the goal of Vega Production

We are committed to providing sound and lighting systems at reasonable prices and the best quality.

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