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Vega Production has provided the most comprehensive solution for all kinds of events:

  • Meetings, Conferences, and Press Conferences
  • Product Launching Events
  • Award Ceremony, Gala Dinner 
  • Groundbreaking, Construction, and Opening Ceremony 
  • Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Concerts and Music live shows
  • Corporate team-building trips
  • Year-End Parties
  • CSR, Charity Events 
  • Road Show

Vega Productions always strives to bring the most comprehensive event solution to customers, from planning, programming, to design, equipment, and personnel.

We understand that the success of an event depends on many different factors. The mission of VP team is to meet the needs of customers and provide a smooth and efficient service experience in all aspects of media.

(Topic and Theme): The topic and theme of the event will be the first thing that need to be concentrated. Internal communication department of businesses will usually have the theme prepared. However, Vega Production can fully work with businesses to produce event content if required.

(Agenda, Script and Content): Vega Production will participate in producing content, scripts and coordinating with speakers at the event to transmit the event’s information and messages to the audience. Customers can confidently choose Vega Production as a content production unit, based on our experience in organizing, scripting as well as decorating and designing.

(Venue): Location is an important factor in any event. Based on customer requirements and overall consideration to understand what an event needs; Vega Production will help customers choose the most suitable venue.

(Equipment): Equipment, including sound, lighting from basic to advanced, stage as well as other additional equipment account for 40% of an event’s measure of success. Choosing a good set of equipment will be a great foundation for the event to run efficiently and bring great media effect.

(Set up and implementation): Preparation, installation and construction. Our staff always have high enthusiasm when participating in program development. We listen to each customer’s request and focus on the smallest details in the process of building the program.

(Post-event): acceptance, media,…