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Hybrid Events

In recent years, the concept of online meetings and conferences is becoming more and more popular in Vietnam. Due to the complexity of defining this concept on the Internet, Vega Productions has summarized and re-interpreted it so that you can easily visualize it.

An online conference is a conference that has the participation of software applications such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Team, and Zoom. With these applications, participants can interact with each other using personal devices such as computers, phones, etc., or send and receive signals to the big screen. The transmission of audio, images, and data from two or more connection points will become easy, convenient and reduce organizational costs.

  •       An online conference or meeting needs to have the following elements:
  •       Interaction and connection between participants through the Internet environment.
  •       There is an application that supports this interaction.
  •       Participants do not have to be in the same space but at the same time to interact.
  •       The meeting or conference happens, and people interact with each other at the same time. Make sure there is no delay in transferring information through the Internet environment.

Compare Online meetings and conferences (Offline meetings and conferences)

Elements Online Meetings and Conferences Offline Meetings and Conferences
Venue         Require a center venue to set up the Host – Dispatch server – Host Venue.

        Doesn’t need wide space, depending on the number of participants.

        Require a venue that can contain every participant.

        Usually needs wider space than the online M&C.

Scale         Large scope (approximately 1000 people maximum)

        Use Meeting Online, Webinar, or Livestream.

        Small scope (approx from 10 to 300 people)

        It is more complicated if the number of participants comes up to 1000.

Interaction         Can be difficult at first for people who are not familiar with interaction via screen, but very convenient for people who are familiar with it.

        Direct and quick information transfer.

        Information can be saved and downloaded at the same time as the M&C operation.

        Participants can easily search and interact with the host and other people.

        Simple execution, but is limited in transferring a large amount of information for everyone at the event.

        Participants have to interact based on the process of the event.

Equipment         Host: Server, applications, terminal system connecting audio and video signals.

        Participants need to use personal electronic devices like laptops, smartphones,…

        Basic event equipment like speakers, lighting,… at the venue.

        Participants don’t need to bring anything to the venue.

Scope         Suitable for organizations that need to operate a meeting with quick information transfer.

        Suitable for people who cannot be at the event.

        When people need to interact directly.

        When it comes to an important decision that requires high transparency and security.

Conclusion: Online M&C is a superior solution to save time and travel costs between locations. This is an inevitable development trend in the future even after the Covid pandemic ends.

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