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Fairs and exhibitions are trade promotion activities conducted in a short time, at a certain location for the seller to display and introduce their goods and services. Exhibitions and fairs can help a lot for organizations and individuals in promoting and seeking opportunities to sign their contracts for purchasing goods and services.

Exhibitions and fairs are the only opportunities for potential customers to see, hear, touch, and experience your products or services, with the same cost as a color page advertising campaign in Trade Magazine.

There is no other effective way that you can prove your products or services to many potential customers. Nine of the ten visitors decide to buy a product at exhibitions and fairs.

Vega Productions is responsible for providing fair and exhibitions management services, including main tent construction, brand stalls, and reservation of accommodation, air tickets for delegations. We will propose the most suitable options for your exhibitions and fairs that can optimize the potential of sales, as well as communication efficiency during and after the event.

See the process of our event organization here.