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When implementing a marketing campaign or organizing an event in particular, the media publication is the highlight of conveying the brand’s message to consumers. Their purpose is to advertise, promote products and services, and build brand image. They also maintain customers’trust and raise the value of the company’s brand.

  1. Flier

Usually, customers will use 5s to identify your organization. Therefore, a flier is a media publication that makes a first impression on the viewer. Fliers contain the most concise information that you want to convey to people. They are mostly designed in the form of A4, A5, A6 or business cards. The advantages of using fliers are affordable price, can be printed in bulk, and is the fastest way to reach the target audience,…

  1. Poster

Instead of being hand-delivered like fliers, posters are often placed in crowded and easily-visible places, depending on the intended use.

To be able to transfer the message most effectively, the content and design of the poster are expected to be meticulously and clearly cared for. The size of a poster is average, ensuring that the viewer can read from a distance.

However, the cost compared to fliers is more expensive because the most effective paper material for posters is Couché or Biston 250-300, and the glossy or matte film coated on the surface also comes with higher price.

  1. Banner

Banners have a high appeal to people. They focus on the message rather than information and images like fliers and posters. Therefore, banners are often very large in size and contain keywords, large fonts, and limited images. You can see banners at high altitude in places such as electric poles, trees,…

Depending on the purpose of use, banners will have different material. They are usually flat rectangular, vinyl or fabric material.

  1. Backdrop

Unlike the above categories, Backdrop is used to express brand messages directly to attendees.

Backdrop is the stage backdrop placed at the center of the event. Large events often use backdrops not only to beautify the space, but also to communicate to attendees, especially the press.

Depending on the nature of the event, the backdrop is extremely diverse in materials and designs to attract many partners or customers.

  1. Standee

Standees are widely used in traditional advertising and marketing, usually the standee consists of a stand, and a printed tarpaulin attached to the front.

Standee is designed to be minimalistic with very little text and sharp images to attract customers in a short period of time. 

Some types of standee can be mentioned as rolling standee, X-shaped standee, desk standee,…