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Singing events or music festivals are always one of the most complex programs in the event industry. Like smaller-scale events, indoor and outdoor concerts need special attention to the venue, cost, equipment, and personnel:

– Venue: With a large-scale entertainment event such as a concert including top artists, some factors that the venue needs to focus on are accommodation, access to traffic, facilities, and the auditorium/ space suitable for the theme of those artists and singers.

-Equipment: Accounts for 40-50% of the success. Therefore, music events always need opinions and decisions from experts in the field of audio and lighting. We have more than 10 years of experience in providing audio-visual equipment, promising to bring a great experience for the audience, and even the most beneficial communication effect for the event.

– Personnel: Concert/ Music festival’s support personnel must be fully experienced to improvise in the most unexpected situations. Understanding that a music event often has close coordination between sound and light to create a satisfied experience for customers, VP always chooses the most dedicated and experienced people to transfer these factors at the concert.

– Moreover, ideas, design, and choreography must also be extremely cared for.

Live concerts/ Music festivals are events that need every aspect in the event closely related to each other.

See the process of our event organization here.