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The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders is an annual meeting between the company’s shareholders and the Board of Directors of the Company. This is the only time for directors to present the company’s annual report.

Because of the important nature of this event ceremony, Vega Productions is always meticulous in all aspects of the production, including stage set up, light organizing, decor, and even the application of online interactive technology.

Due to the importance of information transmission and the pressure of attendee’s large numbers, Vega Productions understands that the application of advanced technology such as online Polling, Proxy Voting,… will make the atmosphere of the event more present and formal than ever.

It can be seen that the demand for online conferences is increasing. Large enterprises began to focus more on organizing online/ half-online conferences. With any requirements from customers, Vega Productions will always be able to propose solutions for you, from organizing traditional style to organizing an online conference to eliminate geographical distance – what is and will become a trend in the future.

See the process of our event organization here.